Games on October 22nd @ Florissant Ice Rink have been postponed. Ice will not be ready due to warm weather. Close

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Check out our Winter League details below.

Hello Hockey Players,
Arch Hockey would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming Winter League at Shaw Park and Florissant from late November to early March.   This will be our 6th season at Shaw Park and 3rd season at Florissant.  And we look forward to having you back on the ice. 
  • Similar to last winter season; the league will select two General Managers per team for both Division 4 and “new” 40 & Over division.  We will again host a “Draft Night Party” for all players at which time the team General Managers will participate in the drafting process. 
  • Division 5 and Division 3 teams will not be drafted this year.
  • The Draft Night Party is scheduled for Thursday, November 16th at Schlafly’s Bottleworks in Maplewood starting at 7pm. 
  • Free Beer for first 90 minutes!
  • After the draft, trades will be allowed to enable the GM’s to swap players between teams.  Further, the league may also execute some post-draft trades in order to align certain players.  And as always, the league may make player adjustments into the season to rectify any glaring skill disparity issues.
  • Further details on the 40 Over / Div4 draft night to come
All the information you need is included in our Winter Registration packet.  
Division Breakdown:
  • 40 & OVER – Open Division (New)
  • 4 Teams primarily playing Monday Nights at Shaw Park at 8:15pm
  • Some games will take place on Sunday’s at either Shaw Park or Florissant.
  • Teams will be drafted by Team General Managers on Nov 16th
  • Must be born in 1977 or before
  • Division 4 – Lower to Lower Middle Division
  • 6-8 Teams primarily playing on Tuesday Nights at Shaw Park
  • A few games will take place on Sunday’s
  • 7:00pm, 8:15pm & 9:30pm
  • Teams will be drafted by Team General Managers on Nov 16th
  • Division 5 – Beginner to Novice Division
  • 6-8 Teams primarily playing on Sunday’s
  • Shaw Park and Florissant Ice Rinks
  • No Draft
  • Division 3 – Middle to Upper Middle Division
  • 5 Teams primarily playing Wednesday Nights at Shaw Park at 8:15pm and 9:30pm
  • A few games will take place on Sunday’s at either Shaw Park or Florissant
  • No Draft
  • Targeted Teams = Dental Ducks, Whalers, Ferguson Brews, Rat Pack, Lakers
  • League Fees       
  • Early bird price is $220 for 10-11 games including playoffs
We accept credit / debit card payments through PayPal
  • Please mail in your registration and liability waiver form (attached).
  • If you would like to pay by check please print forms (attached or on website) and mail in with your check
  • We are targeting spring 2018 for new online registration process
League Jersey:
If you happen to have a league jersey from a previous season with Arch Hockey; please notify either myself or Bob.
We will make arrangements to come and collect – thanks for your help!
Kind Regards,
Tom Barnes

Current Standings

Player of the Week

Week 9
Joe Vickey
Ice Llamas
Week 9
Max Suits
Knowledge Lakers
Week 8
Erich VonNida
Week 8
Alan Creek
Week 8
Brandon Adams
KO Penguins
Week 7
Dustin Doerr
Knowledge Lakers
Week 7
Jon Silva
Dental Ducks
Week 6
Scott Moore
NSC Pucks